CD reviews !

We got some nice reviews on the CD , though I would share 2 of them right here;

MARIE MARTENS & the Messarounds/Traveled: Don't go calling this Swedish white gal with the blues another Bonnie Raitt just because she digs blues and plays slide. If you called her another anything, it would be another Hendrix--but that wouldn't be fair either as she's forging her own path. More concerned with raising blood pressures one at a time than hitting the top of the charts, this nuclear powered steam roller assault hits hard and often in the best possible way. Way cool hot stuff and this is just her debut. 

Volume 44/Number 63 
January 2, 2020 


Marie Martens & The Messarounds: “Travelled” (2019)

Travelled, the debut full-length release from Marie Martens & The Messarounds, contains a good mix of original material and covers. This band offers some wonderful blues rock, music that comes from a heart nestled deep in the blues and also truly rocks. This is music that will shake your blues right out of your body if you let the full review here;